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Touch ThySelf Starter Pack

If you didn’t know, we dropped our first episode of HEDONxARDIE: Touch ThySelf

WHAT IS HEDONxARDIE? It’s a sex education series where we partnered up with sex educator Ardie to ask sex-based questions, bust sexual myths, and end sexual shame.  Prior to the drop of each episode, we ask questions on Instagram and Twitter to spark honest conversations. Ardie’s Twitter was lit up with vulnerable convo:

The Touch ThySelf episode answers the questions we asked via social media and provides tips and honest conversation to ease the shame around self-pleasure.

You can also view Ardie Touch HerSelf 😏

For our beginner masturbatorssss, we created this TOUCH THYSELF STARTER PACK! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾



DID YOU KNOW, sex education in the United States is limited to talk around reproductive safety aka how not to get pregnant. That’s right – schools are not required to teach or talk about sexual pleasure. Think back to your childhood – what were you talk about sex in school, at home or from peers? There are a lot of us walking around unaware of our bodies, how it works and the amazing pleasure potential it holds! 

For example: the clitoris’ pure purpose is for pleasure. 


START BY JUST TOUCHING YOURSELF. Do what feels good to you and work your way down. Use one to two fingers, to locate the clit, it should feel like a bump. Start experimenting with different pressures while you rub it in rhythmic circles, up and down, or stroke it with your thumb and index finger. You may find that you enjoy more pressure, or less pressure. You may favor one side of your clit over the other. Every vulva is different, so do you boo.

If you’re interested in trying to stimulate your g-spot, insert your fingers into your vagina and make a come-hither motion (a hook) or simply stroke the top wall. Take some time to experiment: press, tap, rub, massage, go deeper, use more fingers, both hands, etc. 

Also, spit is cool, but lube will feel a lot better. We love the Toca TOTO lube. It is plant-based, enhanced with crystal essences and includes 200mg of CBD! The CBD stimulates blood flood wherever the lube is placed on the body. No the more blood flood, the more aroused. 

Often, people with vaginas loveeeee clit stimulation because it is typically is the easiest way to get one off. But again, every vulva is different. There are various toy options for those who prefer clit stimulation during masturbation. Our top three for beginners are: bullets, sucking vibrators, and wands. 

Bullets typically provide pinpoint stimulation whereas wands offer more broad stimulation. Sucking/suction/air pressure “vibrators” use air pressure technology to stimulate the clit instead of actual vibrations. It’s a gentler sensation but proving to be a wildly popular choice amongst those with clits. 


Vaginal penetration can feel sooo good, if it’s something you’re into. If penetration is your thing, there are various orgasms to be had – from an A-spot orgasm to a squirting orgasm caused by stimulating the G-spot!

Penetration can be intense for beginners, so start slow and make sure you are really, really turned on. 

Sometimes we just like double stimulation, for double the the pleasure!

Similar to using two hands, one to stimulate the clit and the other to finger yourself, you can use a duo-style toy (also refereed to as rabbit-style toys.) 

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While you’re down there, try anal masturbation 🍑

You can massage your booty/bootyhole and go further by inserting fingers or a toy (with a flared base ofc!) 

We have so much to say about booty play, especially since it’s Anal August! Soooooo, stay tuned for our Booty Starter Pack and sex education video!

If you’re a curious cat and can’t wait, always remember to use lube.


  1. Don’t freak out if it feels weird at first. Your first experiences with self-pleasure might be a little bit uncomfortable and/or emotionally charged. Do what feels good and develop your own self-pleasure practice. 
  2. Masturbation isn’t strictly for your genitals. Touch your nipples, caress your thighs, or massage any other area that feels good. 
  3. While there are so many exciting ways to masturbate, during the first few tries, you want to focus on learning what brings you to orgasm.

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