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Why is Booty Play aka ANAL SEX So Taboo?

Though more people are becoming open-minded, anal sex is still considered taboo and a sexual act that only homosexual men engage in. It is easy to assume that this has always been the case, however, many ancient cultures engaged in anal sex shamelessly – whether they were heterosexual or homosexual.

Historically, people have used anal sex as a form of conception. Due to little or no birth control, anal sex was the best way to prevent pregnancy besides abstinence. In the ancient Andean civilization of Moche, anal sex was such a common sexual practice that it was widely depicted in their pottery. So wide that images of vaginal sex on ceramics were rare.  In ancient Greece and Rome, sexuality was more fluid. The social construct of homosexuality and heterosexuality did not exist at the time. So essentially, most people were bisexual. And let’s not start with ancient Babylon

So when did it become taboo?

As Christian orthodoxy grew and gained popularity, sexuality became repressed. Sex was no longer for pleasure but for procreation purposes. As religion and sex continued to be linked, the Bible (specifically Genesis 19:14-25) was used to create laws against anal sex. Sodomy laws popped up everywhere.

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