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Butt Stuff: An Anal Starter Pack

If you haven’t already, watch the latest episode of HEDONxARDIE! In Part 1 Ardie covers how to prepare for butt stuff, her personal experiences with anal sex, and her review of the b-Vibe Anal Training Kit  as a sex educator. 

Tips and Tricks for Butt Stuff

NUMBER 1 THING: COMMUNICATION. Honestly, if you and your partner do not have great communication in your day-to-day life, then anal sex may not be the best option. Anal consent is very important. When you or you partner says stop, then STOP. Often, people would opt for desensitizers, but your body’s response is an indicator that you may want to shift gears: such as adding more lube, being more gentle, or trying more foreplay to relax. Patience is key. 

Since the butt is not self-lubricating, use lots of lube. Ardie LOVES lube launchers for anal play. You easily fill the launcher with water-based, silicone or hybrid lube and insert the tiny tip to make anal a lot more pleasurable. 

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Dilators vs Butt Plugs

Dilators are great for anal training. It works by gently stretching your tight muscles so your booty (or vagina) gets used to penetration. Similar to butt plugs, anal dilators help your booty get used to lengthier objects rather than objects (or penises) with girth. It is also not meant to wear for extended periods of time.

Butt plugs can be used for anal training or just for fun. It helps your body get used to the full feeling when you do decide to have anal sex. Butt plugs are typically aesthetically pleasing and are used for extended periods of time (like running to the grocery store or during a stripping performance.) Just be sure that your plug has a tapered or flared based that is designed specifically for anal play. 

Tips if it get lost in there: 

There are many dangers if you do not approach anal safely. Such as getting objects stuck up there, where they can then travel into other parts of your body. Unlike the vagina where the cervix is like a road block, the anal cavity is free flowing. If you do get something stuck, like an unsafe “butt plug,” then squat and push like you’re trying to make a bowel movement. If that does not work, you would need to go to the emergency room. 

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