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Why You Should Try Anal Beads Now

Do you remember your first time seeing anal beads? What did you think? For most of us, we were probably introduced to anal beads through mainstream media where the proper use and techniques were not shown, contributing to its mysteriously intimidating nature. 

What exactly are anal beads? 

Anal beads can resemble a butt plug but there is a difference. Though butt plugs come in various shapes and sizes, all variations include a singular, bulbous teardrop shape. Anal beads on the other hand, have a series of conjoined sphere-shaped balls or beads with a flared base, loop or handle. When inside the butt, anal beads do not provide much pleasure (it can act as a massage for your partner when having intercourse though) but the true orgasmic sensations come from the removal of the beads or POPPING THAT BOOTYHOLE. 


  • Each bead gives a feeling of fullness that is different and difficult to describe from the fullness feeling of a butt plug. Reasons to try both for yourself!
  • Anal beads are an enhancement to any stimulation to your genitals. Removing the butt plug before or during orgasm stimulates the anus and vagina (and possibly clit), inducing an orgasm that is truly one-of-a-kind.

How To Use?

Anal beads can be used for foreplay. Start by applying lube to your booty and toy. Gently insert each bead, one by one. Then, slowly remove to stimulate your booty. Doing this a few times is the perfect buildup for more intense partner or solo play. During sex, the anal beads can be felt by your partner, creating a massage for them. To induce an earth-shaking orgasm, have your partner pop each bead out as you’re about to orgasm. For more kinky fun, insert your anal beads and wear them around the house. Allow your partner to the beads at their discretion (a little BDSM, power play action)

Do you think anal beads are still intimidating? Will you try them for an one-of-a-kind orgasm? We want to know, so leave a comment below.

Buying Tips

  1. For first timers, it is best to choose a set of anal beads that gradually increase with each bead. The smallest bead will allow for a smooth insertion and the transition to small to large allows your body to get used to the toy. 
  2. Choose quality anal beads. Avoid anal beads held together by thin nylon string (it makes cleaning difficult.) You would want a set that is smooth with no sharp edges. 
  3. Use plenty of lube! The thicker the lube the better, just make sure you lube each and every bead very well and use a lube compatible with your toy. Do not use silicone lube with silicone toys.
  4. Once you’re used to your beginner anal beads, you can upgrade to vibrating beads and those that have different shaped beads and textures besides the classic, smooth spheres.

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