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The Truth About Sex With Aries Plus the Positions They Prefer

From Spring to Aries season (born between March 21 and April 19), it’s a ripe time for hot sex! The archetypal energy for Aries is fiery, passionate and often spontaneous. And from what we learned in the Easter blog, Spring brought the freaks out (we’re talking cannabis-intoxicated public orgies.)

Sex With An Aries

Aries are passionate, yet impulsive. They often go for speed and efficiency, which isn’t always the best when you crave foreplay or edging! Don’t get us wrong – Aries aren’t just quick pumpers out to leave your dry. Sex with an Aries can be quick but oh so good! This quickness can be attributed to Aries’ lack of patience. They are not ones to pussyfoot around with their desires in the bedroom. Aries speak up and go after the sex they crave – take notes ✍🏾. Aries tend to be argumentative. They are very direct and assertive, saying whatever they want and feel. One of their tricks is picking fights for no reason just to have bomb makeup sex. Aries get bored easily. Ruled by the planet of action and physical desire, Mars, they tend to be go-getters, action-takers, very dominant and aggressive. On the BDSM side, Aries are more likely to be the predator than prey, the domme than submissive, the one being on top. They get what they want, when they want it and how they want it. If you’re not having great sex with them, giving them the sexual thrill they crave, they’ll move on to the next. Aries tend to be very spontaneous with energy unmatched by the other Zodiac signs. Though sex can be short, sex is always on the brain for them. They prefer to make love briefly but often. You may end up having sex in the most impromptu places (grocery store, car, on a hike … ) because they’re down to try anything at least once.

The Best Sex Positions

Because of Aries’ direct nature, they’re not typically interested in elaborate positions, fantasy roleplaying, or anything too complicated but they love to be in charge. They are also more likely to have used a sex toy according to SKYN Annual Survey. Here are the best positions (with toys!) to try this Aries Season.

The Shameless is a take on the classic Reverse Cowgirl, giving your partner the best view and feeling. Get on top,  as if you’re going to ride, but turn around so that your partner is getting a clear shot of just your backside. Then, lean forward until you can grab your partner’s ankles. Hold on tight, because this is how you’re going to hold yourself up. From here just throw it back, gliding back and forth until you find the perfect rhythm. 

To take it up a notch, slip in a butt plug! Butt plugs are great for this position! Give your partner a show with a plug that’s aesthetically pleasing like the Rianne S Booty Plug Set. Or allow your partner to take control with the b-Vibe Rimming Plug. It vibrates simulating the feeling of getting your booty ate while also giving the feeling of having your booty filled (like a thumb in your butt.) Just make sure to add lube such as Sliquid Sassy.

Missionary is prehistoric, but a fave for so many. You really can’t go wrong! It is an intimate and completely customizable in which the penetrative partner lies on top of the receiving partner. The penetrating partner is in complete control of the speed and depth, but the receiving partner is able to match their partner with their own thrusts, position their pelvis to hit different angles and to penetrate deeper, and use their hands to stimulate other areas of their own body or their partner’s body. If you need more than penetration to orgasm, try a hands-free wearable vibrator that provides pleasure to both partners, or a mini vibrator that fits in between bodies and provides clitoral stimulation.

Sex in Aries Season

Whether you’re an Aries, or loving an Aries, do something you’ve been desiring this Aries season. Whether that’s being more spontaneous with your partner, trying a new toy you’ve been eyeing or a new position! Now is the perfect time to go for it!

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