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LOVE HEDON Sexfluencer Affiliate Program

Do you want to be our SEXFLUENCER?

Who is a LOVE HEDON Sexfluencer?

  • A sex/erotic/kink educator, sexologist, sex therapist, sex toy reviewer, sex blogger, sexpert, and/or relationship expert
  • A social media influencer in their area of expertise with engaged followers/fans across their social media platforms
  • Anyone seeking to educate, inform, influence their clients and followers
  • Lives, uses and believes in organic intimate products, body-safe sex toys as well as brands that do not test on animals

Benefits of being a LOVE HEDON Sexfluencer

  • An opportunity to earn extra money!
  • 15% discount on products available at
  • Educational resources on the latest sex tech, sexual wellness products and research
  • Exclusive updates on upcoming product launches, giveaways, collaborations, events and sales
  • Personalized promo codes to share with your followers/fans

Responsibilities of a LOVE HEDON Sexfluencer

  • To introduce friends, family, clients, and followers to our selection of body safe sex toys, intimate accessories, lingerie and sexual wellness products
  • Post, share and like – use social media to show your followers/fans what you recommend and love about our selection of pleasure at LOVE HEDON
  • Review toys/products on your blog, website and/or social media 
  • Promote upcoming giveaways and product launches

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LOVE HEDON Sexfluencer FAQs

How much does it cost to be a Sexfluencer?

Nothing! The entry to be a Brand Ambassador is absolutely free. There are, however, minimum requirements to be a Brand Ambassador. After you are accepted into the program, you will receive your materials to get started ASAP.

Can I be a Sexfluencer on behalf of more than one site?

Yes! A Sexfluencer is allowed to work with other companies.

Does LOVE HEDON allow reseller customers and associates?

No, LOVE HEDON and the Sexfluencer Program do not permit reseller activity or to sell products on third party re-seller websites (i.e. amazon, ebay, etc).

How do I sign up?

You can go here to sign up.

Does the LOVE HEDON Sexfluencer program offer exclusive coupons?

Yes, the LOVE HEDON Sexfluencer program offers an exclusive 15% off to Sexfluencers for personal and promotional purchases. You can also contact us to receive custom coupon codes for the products of your choice, and even have someone from our creative team make custom images and banners for you and your site!