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Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm


Welcome to the most mysterious and wonderful of planets, a planet made just for you. It’s called: Planet Orgasm.

On Planet Orgasm, there are dozens of kinds of orgasms, just waiting for us all to have them. People can take Orgasmanaut Training, learn the fascinating history of orgasm research, expand their definition of orgasm, and voyage into undiscovered orgasmic lands. They’ll discover orgasms for people of every gender and orientation: big world-shaking orgasms and gentle mini-gasms; orgasms in every part of your body; orgasms by yourself, orgasms with toys, orgasms with others… and orgasms only you can discover for yourself.

World-famous performer/author/educator Annie Sprinkle is the guide, together with artist/educator Beth Stephens and illustrator YuDori. Under the leadership of this fearless crew, they’ll discover, through words and pictures, just what Planet Orgasm has in store for them!

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